Student taste career options

Student taste career options

Another 30 Canterbury secondary school students are now on the path to a career thanks to CPIT’s Tertiary Tasters scholarship programme.

The students from Hornby High, Tamesanui High, Mairehau High and Hillmorton High were awarded scholarships for up to three years of study at CPIT at a presentation on Tuesday 30 October at Visions Restaurant on campus.

Tertiary Tasters was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission to introduce secondary school students to career pathways and familiarise them with CPIT’s programmes and campuses. This is the fifth and final year of the scheme at CPIT.

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“We visited the schools to introduce Tertiary Tasters, then once the students were here we talked to them about their futures and encouraged them to study hard at school so they could achieve their goals,” Tertiary Tasters Coordinator at CPIT Diane Ryan said.

100 students participated in Tertiary Tasters 1 earlier in the year, trying out each study option for a day. Students could choose from 10 subjects, meet the tutors and get a taste of life at CPIT.  Subjects available included welding, food and hospitality, art and design, outdoor education and carpentry.

Three day intensive experience 

72 students returned to CPIT during term three for the second stage; Tertiary Tasters 2 offered a three-day, more intensive experience of a specific programme. These students were then encouraged to apply for scholarships.  

“Often they start with a year-long certificate programme and then go on to a two-year diploma. You see them come in the first time, often unsure about their future and then you see them leave with a certificate and a diploma, as well as a clearer sense of themselves and their career path. 

Learning partnerships 

“Tertiary Tasters supports them all the way with a specific learning advisor and pastoral care that works in partnership with the students, their families and the four partnership schools - which all together aids success.

The programme has steered many young people in the right direction. “I know of several students who are going straight into employment when they graduate. From the surveys we have received back since the programme started we know that 61% of our graduates went into jobs, 17% into apprenticeships and 10% on to further study. So that’s a great result and the figures don’t take into account the social skills and life skills our Tertiary Tasters students have also gained along the way. 

“Both the professional and personal development nurtured by this programme will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.”