Sony intern grateful for CPIT kickstart

Sony intern grateful for CPIT kickstart

Chatting to his tutor after class, CPIT international exchange student Daniel Claessen set himself on track for an internship with multi-media heavyweight Sony.

Daniel was studying at CPIT for six months on exchange from Zuyd Maastricht University in the Netherlands when he mentioned to tutor David Mark that he needed to look for an internship back in the Netherlands.


CPIT international exchange student Daniel Claessen is now on internship with Sony in the Netherlands.

“While we were talking after class one time I mentioned that for the next year I would have to do an internship as part of my Bachelor of International Business. David offered to introduce me to one of his friends and former colleague at Sony and from there it went really easily. Having a good recommendation really helps and I was incredibly lucky to have David's help.”

Daniel said his time in the business development team at Sony DADC - one of the biggest replicators and distributors of packaged media (DVD's, Blu rays) and digital media (iTunes distribution) - had allowed him to develop his personal and professional skills and experience a range of responsibilities.

“The internship has been a great and fun challenge, not only challenging my business knowledge and acumen but also challenging me in how to interact with people in a professional environment. I tend to be rather introverted so getting out there and forcing myself to meet new people, learn new things, has been an amazing experience. The internship has also given me the confidence that I can significantly contribute to a professional organization by adapting quickly, being eager to learn and open to new perspectives.

“I think it's a great spot to be in since there is a great amount of accountability and the work tasks are very varied, from sales to marketing, product development, strategy development and marketing research it’s all part of the job, since I like to be responsible for something from beginning to end I think it's a great fit.”

Although Daniel is still shaping his long term career goals, his internship has kick-started his thinking about his future.

“Meeting new people and getting positive feedback has definitely opened up new doors for my future career. I think the most important part is that I am starting to think more about who I want to be, how I want to contribute and where I want to be in both the short term and the long term future; this has definitely altered my study plans already.”

Daniel definitely valued his New Zealand and CPIT experience. “I met great teachers who were friendly, personal and experienced. From day one everything felt different than back home, classes were generally smaller and there was more time for interactivity so you would really get to know each other. Next to this, I would probably not be at Sony DADC if it weren't for David's help.”