Samoan Language Week

Samoan Language Week

Its Samoan Language Week and we are celebrating at CPIT.The theme for 2012 is O le Va Fealoa'i – Strong and respectful relationships.

Staff from CPIT's Centre for Maori and Pasifika Achievement Centre (CMPA) have prepared a week of exciting activities celebrating Pasifika food, sports, fashion and, of course, language.

Ula Lole

A key daily event is the Ula Lole which begins tomorrow at Madras Street and Sullivan Avenue Campuses.

The Ula Lole is a necklace made of lollies. If you see someone wearing one and you speak to them in Samoan, the Ula Lole will be passed onto you. This is for students and staff so don't be shy.

At the end of the day (4pm) a prize will be given to the person with the Ula Lole. To collect this prize you must go to Te Puna Wanaka.

Here are some key phrases:

Talofa – Hello

Talofa Lava – Hello (formal)

Fa – Goodbye

Tofa Soifua – Goodbye (formal)

Fa'afetai Lava – Thank you

Fa'amolemole – Please

For help with pronunciation see this video made with the help of Sam Uta'i:


Samoan Language Week is an opportunity to celebrate the Samoan language in New Zealand, to recognise the language and culture of Samoan New Zealanders, to build bridges between cultures and to ensure that the language continues to be used widely in New Zealand in the future.

There are over 130,000 Samoan New Zealanders. The Samoan community is the fourth largest ethnic community after NZ Europeans (2,381,000), Māori (565,000), and Chinese (147,000). The Samoan language is the third most commonly spoken language in New Zealand after English and Māori.

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