Rugby Milestone for CPIT grad

Rugby Milestone for CPIT grad

One of Canterbury’s top rugby players, who is also a recent CPIT graduate, has hit an important milestone in her playing career.

Steph Te Ohaere-Fox, 27, has played prop for the Canterbury Women’s team since 2004 and this year took over captaincy of the team.

Recently, Te Ohaere-Fox achieved a fantastic milestone, notching up her 50th game for the rugby team.

“It was pretty cool as it has taken a long time to get there. We have fewer games than the guys so it takes us longer. I’m really pleased,” she says.

The Canterbury Women’s team won the 50th game, which was played against the Manawatu, but narrowly missed out on this year’s finals.

Picture of Stephanie Te Ohaere-Fox

Steph Te Ohaere-Fox, 27, has notched up her 50th game of rugby for the Canterbury Women's team.

“It was good to win that one as it was a big number for me and next year we will work on getting even further.”

Te Ohaere-Fox is also a member of the Black Ferns, the national women’s rugby union team, since earning her place in 2008.

As well as her rugby achievements, Ohaere-Fox has also recently embarked on a new career.

At the beginning of the year, Ohaere-Fox began a carpentry course at CPIT’s Trade Innovation Institute. She was one of only four women on the 174 strong programme.

After finishing the course, Ohaere-Fox immediately found a job working as a carpenter and helping in the rebuild.

Managing her two passions, rugby and carpentry, can sometimes prove challenging for Ohaere-Fox.

“It can be pretty full on. Sometimes I will be up at 6.30am for work and then go straight to rugby practice and not get home until 8pm. It’s worth it though.”

Next year, Ohaere-Fox’s sole focus will be on the World Cup. After that, she will re-assess her rugby career and how long she can keep playing.

“I’ll just keep going as long as I can. I love rugby.”