Richard Ballantyne inspires future leaders

Richard Ballantyne inspires future leaders

“The young people of Christchurch need to put their hands up… and help lead Christchurch in the rebuild,” said Richard Ballantyne, Executive Director at J .Ballantyne and Co. Ltd. during a presentation on leadership at CPIT last Friday.

He spoke to business students about leadership and the emerging opportunities in Canterbury, encouraging them to get involved. “The earthquakes have given young people the chance to show us what they are made of. Any opportunity you see, no matter how small… get stuck in and be a part of it” he said.


Andrew Hercus, CPIT Management and Accounting Lecturer and Richard Ballantyne, Executive Director at J .Ballantyne and Co. Ltd.

Ballantyne emphasised the importance of people skills and communication in effective leadership. “Good leaders are working for their people and not the other way round…Great leaders spend a lot of time communicating,” he said.

These ‘soft’ skills are harder to learn according to Ballantyne but they are essential alongside technical qualifications. As a leader Ballantyne highly values his staff and spoke about the aftermath of the earthquake and how important it was to take care of people in order for the business to recover. “The most important resource is the human resource,” he said.

He also impressed upon students that leaders need to be self-aware and able to give responsibilities to the people who have the right skills within their team. “No one person has all the right skills” he said.

Ballantyne finished his presentation by encouraging business students to keep on learning throughout their careers. “Leaders are nurtured over time and never stop learning… It’s a lot of self-sacrifice but a huge amount of enjoyment,” he said.

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