Photography tutors plumb the unknown

Photography tutors plumb the unknown

The familiar and the unknown form an elegant contrast in a exhibition by three CPIT Art & Design photography tutors at Chamber 241.

Titled Unknowable, the exhibition juxtaposes nature and human intervention using a variety of techniques. 

Stefan Roberts pinhole works reveal unpredictable designs created by nature when exposures allow the earth’s rotation to do the work. These works have been up to a year and a half in the making, showing the sun’s daily traverse as a series of arcs and ultimately connecting with the original meaning of the word photography as ‘drawing with light’.

Stefan Roberts pinhole photography is part of the Unknowable exhibition.  

Stephan Roberts pinhole photography is part of the Unknowable exhibition by CPIT Art & Design tutors at Chamber 241 Gallery.

John Maillard follows the lines of the fences, ditches and ceremonial walkways that cross our landscapes, stating a case for these interventions as a way of ritualising our behaviour. The exploration deepens as the works refer to newly opened spaces in Christchurch and the familiar becomes newly discoverable. Maillard suggests that: “Form, beauty, order and ritual; save us from chaos, starvation and insecurity.”

John Maillard image. 

John Maillard, CPIT Art & Design tutor, captures the familiar and unknown in a series of photographs that explore fences, lines, ditches and walkways intersecting landscapes. 

Wendy Clarke’s nudes are uncomfortably set in environments of subdued but natural beauty, posing the question: Why are they alone and defensive? Clarke uses paint and other medias on the photographic canvas to achieve her affect of disconnection with reality.

Unknowable runs until 14 September at Chamber 241 galley, located close to CPIT at 241 Moorhouse Avenue.