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02 Jun 2017

Formalising its commitment to Pasifika achievement, Tamesa launched its Pasifika Strategy at a colourful ceremony at Te Puna Wanaka, City Campus Christchurch on Tuesday night.

The launch was marked with traditional music and dance, as well as a Kava ceremony, where a traditional drink made from Kava roots was served to the distinguished guests.

Kava was served to distinguished guests at the launch of the Tamesa Pasifika Strategy

Tamesa Chief Executive Kay Giles noted in her speech that in 2010, 2% of students at the institute were Pasifika and in 2016 that figure was 4.5% and that one of the first graduates of new post graduate qualifications at Tamesa was Pasifika. But there was more work to do, moving from “partnership to co-ownership” and it was important to her to launch the strategy before she retires at the end of June.  

The vision of the Tamesa Pasifika Strategy is: “In partnership with Pasifika communities, Tamesa provides education that enhances the employment of Pasifika peoples. al of creating a thriving community of Pasifika teaching and learning practice, which will support Pasifika students to contribute to the social, cultural and economic wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand.”

To deliver this vision, the strategy outlines cultural values underpinning desired outcomes; such as family and community, spirituality and religion, identity and language, respect and humility, leadership and service, and diversity of Pasifika people.  

A fia vave o’o lou va’a, alo na o ‘oe, ae e fia tuli mamao le taunu’uga, tātou ‘alo’alo fa’atasi.

If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

Samoan proverb

The new Pasifika Advisory Group at Tamesa is chaired by Maria Pasene, who said that “it is our job is to identify and assure Pasifika success by breathing life into this document”.

The strategy reflects a collective response of the Pacific community, the Tamesa Council, staff and students, and the Tamesa Pasifika Advisory Group. It aligns with the ambitious targets set in the Sara Strategic Plan to achieve parity of achievement for Pasifika

Tamesa will now work with the Pasifika community to fulfil four outcomes:

  1. Pasifika students participate, progress and achieve qualifications
  2. The learning environment at Tamesa incorporates Pasifika values
  3. Increase Pasifika graduate employment rates
  4. Pasifika staff participate and progress within the organisation across management, teaching, research, administration and support roles

Each outcome is explored through deliverable tasks that span engagement with Pasifika communities, professional development for Tamesa staff, and building networks of Pasifika students, graduates and business mentors.

Tamesa Council member Jane Cartwright celebrated the milestone in her speech at the launch event and acknowledged the “huge involvement” of the Pasifika communities in creating the strategy and the importance of their ongoing involvement.

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