Operation sugar

Operation sugar

Baking and decorating a three-tiered cake for a stranger has been a labour of love for CPIT National Certificate of Baking student Jo Foster.

Foster’s pink fairytale castle cake was collected by the young recipient’s mother for a birthday party on Sunday 14 July.

Foster decided to lend her passion for cakes to a worthy cause when she heard about Operation Sugar - a New Zealand wide, non-profit group that provides free custom birthday cakes to seriously ill children and children that require frequent hospitalisation.

“My Facebook page is covered in cakes. I have done lots of free cakes. When you‘re a parent you just can’t imagine being in that situation and it’s great to give something back.”

Operation sugar Birthday cake for Hollie

CPIT bakery students Jo Foster (left), with help from Sue Moore, created this stunning fairytale castle cake for a young birthday girl through Operation Sugar.

Foster spent two and a half days creating her Operation Sugar cake and was assisted by fellow students Kieran Cook and Sue Moore.

She was grateful for CPIT’s support in providing the ingredients and facilities for the cake. “CPIT have been extraordinarily generous,” she said. However, it is Foster’s initiative that no doubt brought a big smile to a little girl’s face.

Operation Sugar has a large network of amateur and professional bakers who donate their time to make amazing one-off cakes.


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