Nostalgia Lounges' Blast from the Past

Nostalgia Lounges' Blast from the Past

CPIT students behind the popular Nostalgia Lounges at the Hagley Park rugby fanzone “lived and breathed the project” according to their tutor Denise Grant.

The 11 interior design students took up the city council-directed challenge last year to create seven lounges representing seven decades from a 1940s quintessential Kiwi bach to a millennium lounge with a dominant plasma screen.

The lounges have delighted visitors with their quirky homage to the evolution of the nation’s style – and rugby-viewing preferences – throughout the years. Visitors to the fanzone dome journey back through time courtesy of a ‘50s kitchen, ‘60s lounge, ‘70s lounge, ‘80s student flat and ‘90s home office. Interviews with players, officials, referees and organisers from the different eras will be conducted live on radio from the lounges each Wednesday to Sunday at 12.30 – 1.15pm during the tournament.

The project was a perfect fit with the Certificate in Interior Design training, tutor Denise Grant said.

“It was one of the most amazing projects I have worked on as a teacher. It was the extra things people did, like making cakes out of polystyrene. For the students it’s great material for their CVs. Even though each person contributed in different ways, they all succeeded and will be a lot wiser for it.”

Working to tight budgets the students sourced furniture and other items from website Trade Me, second hand shops and Ferrymead Heritage Park. The lounges were displayed in the Atrium at CPIT last October.

There was a nervous wait after the February earthquake, however, as the lounges were packed up and stored in a building in the city centre. Minor repairs were needed but the lounges were mostly unscathed and were soon relocated to another site.

“Most of the students involved last year help set up the lounges up again on 3 September,” Denise said. Meanwhile the Nostalgia Lounges have also given Denise much material for her paper on the Application of Project Based Learning, which she is completing for her Diploma of Teaching.

The Nostalgia Lounges are open daily from 9am to 6pm and there is no entry charge.