New solar power system for CPIT’s electrical students

New solar power system for CPIT’s electrical students

Students of CPIT’s Electrical Supply classes can now generate solar power on-site, thanks to the generous donation of a photovoltaic solar generation system from Meridian Energy last Thursday. The system gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice, based on real-world solar power applications in projects such as sustainable housing and off-the-grid holiday homes.

“Meridian Energy is proud to present this system to CPIT students. These young people are our future and they will learn a lot from this equipment. Renewable energy is the right energy and it is great to see students engaging with it,” Evan Lousley, Training Coordinator at Meridian Energy said.


The new system will be used by students for the first time as part of their power generation and transmission projects. This year’s class has been divided into four teams, each examining one method of electricity; wind, water, petrol and solar. Their projects will be presented to electrical industry representatives in October.

Electrical Tutor Andrew Massie is excited that his students now have access to a photovoltaic system. This method of solar electricity generation is one that they are likely to use in their future careers.

“Renewable energy will play a big part in the future of the electrical industry and it is fantastic that our students now have access to equipment that can be used to educate them about solar power as a sustainable energy source,” he said.

Meridian Energy has a long standing relationship with CPIT, providing access to equipment and materials, as well as putting staff through electrical training at the Trades Innovation Institute.

“We are very appreciative of such strong support from Meridian. This new system will enhance the learning journey for our students,” Karen Te Puke, Head of the Trades Innovation Institute said.

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