New nurse helps build sector knowledge

New nurse helps build sector knowledge

Her first hours of work placement at a medical centre presented her with two emergency situations, but CPIT nursing student Samantha McInnes was not deterred from her chosen career. In fact, she’s giving up 10 weeks of her summer vacation to complete a summer studentship programme with Pegasus Health, a Primary Health Organisation network.

The programme, which aims to give students their first introduction to research, is usually open to medical and science students, but this year for the first time the selectors opened the programme to nursing students too. 

Sam will conduct a research project into the learning needs of those supervising student nurses. In the community nursing sector, registered nurses support student nurses as they learn their profession.


[from left] CPIT nursing tutor Judy Yarwood, Kelly Robertson from Pegasus Health, CPIT nursing student Samantha McInnes and CPIT nursing tutor Isabel Jamieson.

“I am passionate about the relationship between supervising nurses and students, as I feel they can potentially allow for significant learning and growth opportunities for both parties if developed under the right conditions,” Sam wrote in her application for the position.

Currently preparing for her nursing registration exams, Sam is not fixed in her views on where she wants to work after her studentship - she’s just very enthusiastic about getting into nursing and earning some money too.

“I will go wherever someone puts me. I am willing to work anywhere, she said.