New business programmes have regional perspective

New business programmes have regional perspective

CPIT is taking a regional perspective with two of its three new business programmes being offered in 2016. The programmes include degree majors in the Bachelor of Applied Management and graduate diploma courses in personal financial management and supply chain logistics. A third new offering for 2016 is a degree major and graduate diploma in retail management. The programmes are focused on supporting the regional economy.

Personal Financial Planning Degree a first for New Zealand

The degree and graduate diploma courses in Personal Financial Planning are designed for regional delivery in the second semester and will fit seamlessly into business courses currently offered by CPIT and Aoraki Polytechnic.

"CPIT is the only organisation in New Zealand which is offering a business degree with a major in Personal Financial Planning. This will give students a solid foundation for achieving the status of Authorised Financial Adviser – the industry equivalent of a chartered accountant. This is ideal preparation for anyone wanting to give financial advice in banking, insurance, or anywhere providing financial advice and wealth management," says Dr Schwellnus.

The specialisation is integrated as part of the broader degree in applied business management which means students who are already studying towards a business degree can do their major in personal financial planning whether they have been studying at Aoraki Polytechnic or CPIT.

The Graduate Diploma in Personal Financial Planning has blended learning – with students having online training mixed with classroom teaching and one-to-one mentoring.

"We are using online learning where appropriate, but there will always be mentoring. Our courses are applied and so experience in the business environment is a very important aspect to all of our courses."

These degree and graduate diploma courses were designed in response to increasing pressure on the financial services industry to ensure that financial advisers have the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Institute of Financial Advisers Chair Michael Dowling says that the new qualification was a sign of the profession's maturity.

"We're really pleased that CPIT has come on board to provide these qualifications. These are good qualifications that go beyond what's expected and are part of increasing the upskilling of the profession."

Institute of Financial Advisers Manager for Learning and Development Andrew Gunn says the new course was aligned with international standards and would be recognised internationally.

"The course has been mapped to international Financial Standard Planning Board learning outcomes and we are confident that this meets the qualification pre-requisite for the pinnacle designation of CFPCM Certified Financial PlannerCM."

Supply Chain Logistics critical for all enterprises

Another exciting, new opportunity at CPIT is the degree and graduate diploma in Supply Chain Logistics. The course is a natural extension of courses for operations and production management, and will teach effective approaches for distributing manufactured goods or bringing goods in.

"This is the perfect course for people in rural New Zealand. Everything you do depends on the distribution networks and the supply lines you establish," says Dr Schwellnus.

"The course is designed to meet the needs of agriculture and primary industry," says Dr Schwellnus. "And we are working towards blended delivery which would enable students to study online if there is sufficient interest.

"The course is equally valuable if you are managing a farm, a supermarket, a shipping company or an airline company. Managing logistical complexity is vital for any competitive organisation."

Dr Schwellnus' comments were echoed by former CPIT operations and production management graduate and Fliway Transport operations manager Brian Pentecost.

"We're an integrated part of the supply chain, so organising logistics is big part of my current role. A formal qualification which teaches specific management techniques and gives you the opportunity to practise these skills would be invaluable."

Retail Management brings sales to higher level

The new courses in Retail Management are designed for people already in the retail sector who want to develop their skills and knowledge. They are aimed at people who work in the sector, want to advance their career or want to develop their own personal business. The courses cover market development and sales, retail management, retail marketing, consumer behaviour and e-commerce.

"The retail sector is constantly becoming more sophisticated and these papers will give students the most up to date skills and information," says Dr Schwellnus.

While much of the course consists of classroom and practical learning, it includes online support and has the potential for greater blended learning options. This means working professionals will have the opportunity to study and gain qualifications that will enable them to succeed at the highest levels of retail management.

CPIT programmes are accessible to everyone

All CPIT business programmes are offered during the day and in the evening, with summer courses, weekend sessions, and holiday courses also available to give people in full-time and part-time employment the opportunity to gain qualifications while working to support themselves and their families.

Furthermore, CPIT's Centre for the Assessment of Prior Learning can offer students credits for experience giving mature students the possibility of gaining credits towards a qualification, receiving direct entry into graduate diploma courses.

"CPIT has great options available for students to be credited for their experience, skills and knowledge and to be able to provide them with new skills at the level they need. This is education tailored to meet student needs," says Dr Schwellnus.

"We are looking forward to teaching these three new courses in addition to our other programmes in 2016 and invite anyone interested in developing their career to visit the CPIT website and find out what courses we offer that match their needs."