Musical talent amplified in New Brighton

Musical talent amplified in New Brighton

CPIT pop-rock student Josiah Dayo is bringing affordable music tuition to young people in New Brighton. As part of his third year in the Bachelor of Musical Arts, Josiah has established the Amplify Project - a series of music programmes for young people in the eastern suburbs of Christchurch.

“I realise that money can deprive a young person from being creative, even when they have so much talent and potential. I wanted to give more youth the opportunity to experience music by making it as affordable and accessible as possible,” he says.

With a background and training in Youth Work, Josiah is passionate about developing a music project which benefits others.

“I grew up in New Brighton and I love working with young people. Youth work is about building relationships and through music I get to really see students’ potential grow,” he says.

He began the Amplify Project in March this year with the support of the Youth Alive Trust and has since introduced a youth band, after school lessons, a music based holiday programme and education within schools. Volunteer musicians help Josiah to conduct lessons on a range of instruments, from beginner to advanced levels.

Amplify youth band

Josiah Dayo's youth band students practice at the Youth Alive Trust building. Youth band is just one programme offered through Josiah's musical arts project Amplify.

Partially funded through volunteer contributions, Josiah runs Amplify as a not-for-profit. Lessons run at a charge of less than $5.00, with the aim of reducing cost barriers for students and their families.

“$25 for private music lessons is a struggle for a lot of families and teaching music is a bit left-field for some schools. The focus is often on academics and sports which can mean some young people don’t get to experience musical arts at all. Amplify gives them the opportunity,” he says.

The project has been such a success that Josiah is seeking funding to run Amplify fulltime in 2014.

“I’ve used my degree project to set myself up for a career after study. I have so much fun teaching music to youth that I don’t even think of it as a job,” he says.

He also hopes to extend the programmes offered through Amplify, with the aim of offering drama and other creative arts subjects at a low tuition fee.

More information about Amplify lessons is available through the Youth Alive Trust. Call: 03 388 54 59 or email [email protected]