Mother and daughter graduate together at CPIT graduation

Mother and daughter graduate together at CPIT graduation

Almost 250 people will graduate in person at CPIT’s Spring Graduation Ceremony on Friday and each has their own unique story of hard work and success.

For Hannah Laughton and her mother Pan-Nea Stiles, CPIT’s Spring Graduation ceremony is a family affair. The women will graduate from the Bachelor of Nursing together after very different paths to the qualification – Laughton from the Enrolled Nursing qualification and Stiles from a Pre-Health certificate.

Organisers of the ceremony have arranged for the pair to receive their qualifications onstage one after the other. Graduands are usually called in alphabetical order, however the unusual circumstances demanded a small exception to the rule.

They made a formidable study team, though they didn’t advertise their relationship. “Hannah did define to me from the very beginning that ‘when we’re at CPIT Mum, we are both students; we are not mother and daughter’. I said ‘OK’. That was hard!” Stiles said.

“It was hard by myself when I first started, but since I’ve had mum it has been easier, with the exams, the study, motivation,” Laughton said.

Laughton has started work for the Department of Corrections while Stiles heads off on a postgraduate programme at Burwood and then Princess Margaret hospitals. “Now that Hannah and I have finished our studies, our nursing careers begin on separate paths. The first 12 months while we do our post-graduate studies we stay where we are posted, but from then on we can are open to apply for any position in the hospital system,” she said.

Mother and daughter nurses graduate together.

After years of studying together mother and daughter Pan-Nea Stiles (left) and Hannah Laughton will graduate together from the Bachelor of Nursing and have started new careers in different areas of nursing.

“And you can extend your education as well, you can move up the ladder to being a clinical nurse specialist or nurse practitioner, which is eventually what I would like to do – something that takes more study but it pays off,” Laughton added.

Other graduands include young chef Daniel Hoare who will receive a Diploma in Professional Cookery on top of his recent win at Nestle Toque D’or (one of the country’s most prestigious hospitality competitions) and full time employment in the brand new kitchens of the Rendezvous Hotel. Kirsty McInnes has already put her Bachelor of ICT to use, nabbing a position of business analyst at Fortune 500 company General Cable and Stacey Lumsden is happy with her choice of Bachelor of Applied Management (Events Management/Sales and Marketing) after securing full time work with her internship provider Taste Events Company.

“I would like to congratulate all of our graduates for their wonderful accomplishment in completing their qualifications. I’m sure they are more than ready for the challenges of employment and I wish them every success on their career path ahead,” CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles said.

Geraldine McBride, acknowledged global expert in corporate evolution and co-founder of mobile personal social cloud platform, MyWave, will be inspiring the new graduates at the event as guest speaker.


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