Midwives’ cheeky fundraising attracts attention

Midwives’ cheeky fundraising attracts attention

CPIT midwifery students are determined to attend a midwifery conference in Wellington this August and one of their fundraising schemes has earned them unexpected media attention.

The first year students’ cheeky Buy-A-Bloke auction on Trade Me has been such a success they have put some of the blokes up for grabs a second time. Bidders have until this Friday 30 March to win three hours with handymen Josh W, Jay or Josh S.


 Rosie Stephens and Ashleigh Harding.

“We have done very well,” co- organiser Rosie Stephens confirmed. “We’ve raised a really good amount and we’re on track to go to the conference.”

Rosie said the conference would be of huge benefit to the midwifery students. “There so many seminars and keynote speakers and a trade fair where we can check out new equipment and learn new techniques.

“Midwifery is just such a fascinating subject, you can help the community in so many ways and you get to share in very special moments in people’s lives.”

The midwifery students were stunned by the attention. “We’ve been on National Radio and in The Press – one of the funniest things is to walk past a group of people who are talking about it.”

Rosie said Trade Me made an exception for the Buy-A-Bloke auction after hearing what the money raised was being used for – and confirming that the blokes were not being offered for anything inappropriate.

Tutors had not only been supportive but one had even put her own bloke up for auction to help out.


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