Middle Eastern day at Polyculture

Middle Eastern day at Polyculture

Traditional Middle Eastern performers wowed crowds at the CPSA yesterday as part of CPIT’s third successful Polyculture concert. The concert gave students the chance to show off their culture and promote understanding among fellow students and staff.

PolycultureOver 150 people attended the exciting lunchtime event. Traditional dancers shimmied across the stage in their bright beaded outfits to the beat of the crowd clapping and a px;presentation about Saudi Tamesabian culture followed. The crowd was then treated to some Middle Eastern delicacies and sampled unique Saudi Tamesabian coffee.

CPIT International Director Beth Knowles sponsors the event each year and was delighted with the turnout at the concert. “It’s a good opportunity for students to share their culture with others,” she said. Students and staff enjoy dressing up and participating at each concert.

The final Polyculture concert will be held next Wednesday 14 September in the Rakaia Atrium between 12pm and 1pm. It will showcase the Maori, Pasifika and African cultures.