Microsoft impressed by student's solution

Microsoft impressed by student's solution

Imagine being able to update the operating system of multiple computers at a click of the mouse.

While it's not a unique idea, it is unusual to come up with a solution when the Microsoft Windows version for that update hadn't
even been released.

That's exactly what happened when Arjun Udayakumar, a CPIT Information and Communications Technology student was given the task of finding a way to distribute the new Windows 10 operating system to multiple computers simultaneously, well before Microsoft released the product
on July 29.

In office situations, individual computers are often updated manually, which introduces risk of error and takes hundreds of hours to achieve. However, the 24 year-old student's deployment solution eliminates that risk and saves time.

Designed to test his networking and system administration skills, Udayakumar's project earned him ICT recognition and impressed Microsoft's Director of Developer Experience Nigel Parker.

"This is the beginning of Windows as a service model that extends to our enterprise and business customers as well as through services such as Windows Update for Business," Parker says. "It is encouraging to see the excitement in this new platform extend to CPIT and their computing department."

Tested in CPIT's Techlabs learning environment, Udayakumar's solution is capable of updating the operating system of 250 computers simultaneously by finding the details of each machine and editing the configuration by itself. Automation makes the solution futuristic and expandable, Udayakumar says.

He used PowerShell, the scripting language for Microsoft Windows, to write the commands for the deployment solution, enabling the system upgrade to happen autumatically at a click of the mouse. Udayakumar says it was
a hands-on, satisfying and exciting project to work on.

"I learned that anything is possible, and you get back what you put in."

Udayakumar is interested in pursuing a career as a system administrator in cloud-based computing.

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