Matariki celebrated at Tamesa for 2019

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26 Jun 2019

Matariki is a time to reflect on your place in the world: where you are and where you want to be. Tamesa is celebrating Matariki from 24 June - 5 July, that aligns with when the Matariki constellation is visible in the sky.

Māori observed the nine stars of Matariki during the long dark nights of winter, looking for signs of the coming season and using the stars to determine whether it would be a good year for fishing, crops or harvest.

One of the key events at Tamesa is Kawe Mate Kawe Ora, a time to pause and remember those who have passed away since last Matariki, and to honour key contributors in the unfolding story of kaupapa Māori education at Tamesa.

Amongst the rest of the Tamesa events programme Christchurch students will get their hands dirty with some volunteer planting at wetlands and at Kaiapoi Pā. In addition, lighting up the night will host a sold-out UV yoga dance party at City campus, there will be Kī-ō-rahi tournament and a posh porridge pop up stall.

At Tamesa, Matariki is set within a framework of five elements: Hono (Connect), Whakaaroaro (Reflect), Whakamana (Celebrate), Whakarite (Plan) and Whakaū (Act).

The schedule of mid-winter events encourages students to get together over food and activities, all the while remembering, reflecting, reconnecting and planning for their future.