Joyous spirit at CPIT graduation

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04 Apr 2012

Summing up the spirit of CPIT’s autumn graduation, Bachelor of Nursing graduate Faduma Mohamed was enthusiastic about the event. “I feel so good, my heart is going fast, I’m so excited and everyone is here!” she said.

Faduma, from Somalia, was one of over 700 graduates who received their qualifications in the presence of family and friends at two ceremonies on Friday 30 March at CBS Arena.


Faduma Mohamed, Bachelor of Nursing graduate.

Keynote speaker Dr Nick Gill, conditioning and strength coach with the All Blacks, shared his story with the audience and told graduates that they would never stop learning during their chosen career.

CPIT Chair Jenn Bestwick urged graduates to look for employment in Christchurch and contribute to the rebuild. “Now more than ever, Christchurch needs you,” she said.

Christchurch Polytechnic Student Association President Raffaela Bolanos presented the graduands for their awards after reassuring them that “better times are coming”.

Faduma will be contributing to the recovery of Christchurch and is already working at Princess Margaret Hospital. “It’s quite scary,” she said. “I feel like I have just finished one stage of my life and now I am starting a new one.”

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