Jazz School trip to New York

Jazz School trip to New York

A group of CPIT Jazz School students will head to New York this October on an exciting tour of music. The student initiated trip is aimed at understanding what it is really like working and living as a musician.

The trip is the idea of CPIT Bachelor of Musical Arts student, Harry Knight. His tutors are all experienced musicians which made Knight passionate about learning from others who have really been there. “CPIT Jazz School standards are excellent and I wanted to see how overseas compares,” he said. What better place to do that than New York; a place Knight describes as a “culture of music.”

He put out the word and received interest from several other students that was eventually scaled down to just four: Anna Proran, Tara Walsh, Ben MacDonald, and Knight himself. They then began the hard task of saving and fundraising for the trip. CPIT and the Christchurch Polytechnic Students Association were very helpful, allowing them to use space free of charge to perform for fundraisers. Tutors in the Jazz School also helped with overseas s.

The students will take part in both individual and group sessions at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, create original compositions, and see some of their favourite artists in concert including pianist Brad Mehldau. They will also have the opportunity to see the sights of New York. “You can’t miss out on the touristy things like Broadway,” Knight said.

Knight hopes that the trip will give students some useful tools to bring back to the CPIT classroom and share with others. “I want the trip to open people’s eyes to what it’s really like working as a musician”, he said. He is sure that the trip will be a success and can’t wait to learn from some of the greats.

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