Japanese Language student wins prestigious scholarship

Japanese Language student wins prestigious scholarship

Emma Julian is embarking on the trip of a lifetime after winning the Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarship: a one year study experience at the prestigious Nagoya University.

“I’m so excited. I’m really looking forward to the experience and being able to improve my vocabulary and listening. There are so many things in Japan which I can’t experience here. Like any girl I’m also looking forward to the shopping and the travel,” Emma says.

Japanese Language Tutor Yoshihiko Holmes says that the experience at Nagoya University will be hugely beneficial when it comes to Emma’s future career prospects.

“To actually become a university student in Japan is really rare. You have to be very talented. Not only will Emma learn about the language, but also the education system, culture and other topics as well. On top of her degree, this experience will give her extra skills and connections with people in Japan,” Yoshihiko says.

The second year Bachelor of Japanese Language student went through what she describes as a “hard-core application process”, made up of language testing, interviews at the Japanese Embassy and medical tests.

Image of Emma Julian

CPIT's Emma Julian is excited to head to Japan on scholarship this October.

To make things even more challenging - she was up against her twin sister Renee who is studying at Canterbury University.

In the end, both sisters achieved the scholarship standard, two of only three people in Canterbury to reach the mark.

“I had to read the letter like three times and was all geared up for Renee to get it instead but then I found out we both got it! I’m so happy,” she says.

Emma starts at Nagoya University in early October and her sister will be just 20 minutes away. Her flights, tuition and expenses are all part of the scholarship and she is encouraged to use her allowance to travel and experience as much of Japan as possible.

She is preparing for her trip with the help of her tutors, who are giving her tips on the local dialect and culture. They’ve also organised for Emma to take her final tests for her second year of study via Skype.

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