Jade Scholarship Winner 'Outstanding'

Jade Scholarship Winner 'Outstanding'

Outstanding A- marks for 2010 earned CPIT computing student Chao Zhang a $2000 Jade scholarship.

“He is an excellent student; we are very proud of him,” tutor Alison Clear said. Chao scored well in software engineering, database management, web development and introduction to multimedia.

Jade World is an industry company with whom CPIT has a close relationship. Jade is also a software engineering programme used to write programmes.

“We’ve got a close relationship on the teaching side because CPIT has been teaching Jade for 10 to 12 years,” Jade Chief Innovation Officer John Ascroft said. “I’m on the advisory committee. We take on students for projects for 10 to 12 weeks and we like to have a pool of talent to employ from as well so it is a close relationship."

“CPIT graduates are well prepared, well rounded graduates with not just technical skills but also people skills and business savvy. CPIT graduates are very practical.”

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