Internationally accredited: Project Management course

Internationally accredited: Project Management course

CPIT is the first public tertiary institute in New Zealand to become a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P) with the Project Management Institute (PMI). PMI accreditation was given to CPIT’s Level 6 Project Management course in July. This gives international recognition to several degrees and graduate diplomas offered at CPIT’s Department of Business.

“The new accreditation gives further industry endorsement to our standards, learning materials and examinations at CPIT, all of which were thoroughly assessed by the PMI,” says CPIT’s Department of Business Academic Manager Dr Teresa Schwellnus.

“It is a sign of a commitment to quality of curriculum development and delivery and ultimately a better outcome for project management students and the profession,” President of PMI New Zealand Sean Whitaker says, commending CPIT for attaining R.E.P status with the Project Management Institute.

The project management offerings at CPIT have become increasingly popular as the region moves into the rebuild phase, with tradesmen, construction workers and administration staff looking to enhance skills.

“In the current Christchurch environment, project management skills are of paramount importance. People are looking to up skill and take advantage of upcoming employment opportunities,” says Schwellnus.

Meeting demand

An extra summer school occurrence of the Level 6 course has been scheduled to meet the high demand. The part time study option which sees students study at night or in a block course format has been particularly popular with working people.

“We pride ourselves on our flexible, applied learning. Our students develop work ready project management skills which are applicable over a variety of fields,” says Schwellnus.

PMI accreditation further reinforces CPIT’s project management qualifications are of a high international standard and that students will graduate with the skills to work in a wide range of industries.

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