Industry Shares Ideas on Programme Delivery

Industry Shares Ideas on Programme Delivery

A CPIT Council event for industry partners on Monday night was well attended and provided valuable feedback about current industry needs, says CPIT Council Chair Jenn Bestwick.

The event was designed as a forum for industry partners to share their ideas and requirements in the wake of the changed business environment due to the earthquakes in Christchurch. The information gathered will help to inform CPIT’s strategic direction and educational delivery.


Council Chair Jenn Bestwick addresses guests at the recent industry forum.

“Now more than ever we need to work closely with industry to train skilled workers for the recovery and rebuild of Christchurch. Around 30,000 additional skilled workers are needed to rebuild our city and employers tell us they want to make sure that Christchurch and Canterbury workers have every chance to contribute. Training those without qualifications to support them into skilled labour and upskilling those with industry experience is critical to meeting the workforce demands over the coming years.” Jenn said.  

CPIT Council members, Chief Executive, deans and staff attended the event along with some 30 industry representatives who have an ongoing partnership with CPIT.

Feedback focused on the type of graduates businesses need and on more flexible programme delivery that allows people to both work and train.

“Businesses are interested in employing industry-ready graduates - graduates who not only have the knowledge and skills but are effective in the workplace from day one. We have been preparing graduates to have work experience, the right attitude and to know what is required of them. This is a cornerstone of our programmes and we will continue to work hard to achieve this. However businesses are saying they want to work with us to provide greater work experience opportunities for students, so they can be more productive straight away.

“Another theme that emerged from the event was the need for more flexible learning delivery. Employers need people to be able to study while they work. This means realising industry are our clients too and working more closely to meet their needs in our educational delivery.  Industry is telling us that we need to respond quickly to changing needs and there is a lot of other valuable information that we will consider carefully and factor into our operational plans for next year.”

Other participants suggested that CPIT work with industries and businesses to reassure people that Christchurch is still a great place to live and work. “People aren’t seeing the jobs in the market just yet, but a key message is now is the perfect time to start your training so that when the jobs begin to come through people are skilled and trained.”

Education was also noted as an important aspect of building community resilience, for example through part time and evening courses.