Industry impressed by computing projects

Industry impressed by computing projects

An online game of Mahjong designed for stroke rehabilitation, an application to teach musical theory on a smartphone and a game designed to educate people about Maori warriors were among the computing projects on display at CPIT at a recent industry event.

The final year CPIT students, who have either studied a Bachelor of Computing or a Graduate Diploma, showcased their final year projects in front of industry professionals and their tutors.  


 Head of Computing Dr Nathan Rountree says the students had spent months “living and breathing” the projects and it was good to see them on display in the form of a poster.

“It’s great for the students to stand up and be proud of the work they’ve done. They get to explain it to us and people from the industry. It’s a real pinnacle for them.”

Rountree was impressed with the “breadth and depth” of the IT projects on display. “There are projects being completed in so many different areas - from music and website design, to very technical coding. It’s very reflective of the industry where IT work is being done across all sectors.”

Industry partners attended the lunch to meet with students and to look at the projects. John Ashcroft, chief innovation officer of Jade Software, says he attends every year to keep up to date with the students’ innovative research. “It’s really interesting to see the work that’s being done and you never know who will be looking for a job soon!”

Rountree said a highlight was speaking to many of the students about their future career plans. “It was really interesting the range of work our students have planned. There are those that already have jobs in the industry and then there are those who want to start their own company and get game developing.” 

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