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27 Sep 2013

Mat Goodman

Mat Goodman in Fiordland. (Photo courtesy of Mat Goodman)

This is the reality for CPIT student Mat Goodman. He’s using his CPIT Sustainability and Outdoor Education degree, combined with his qualification in and passion for photography, to educate people about sustainability issues worldwide.

“My degree encourages me to shape and pursue my own outdoor and environmental interests and this is supported by my tutors. It has certainly opened doors for me and I now have work opportunities around the world.”

Mat, who is currently in his third year of study, has already gained wide recognition for his documentary filming and photography.  He worked with a German crew to track Keas and the New Caledonian Crow last year, scaling the Southern Alps and exploring the Loyalty Islands.

The highlight of the filming for Mat was the footage shot from a paraglider. Mat gained a paragliding qualification specifically for the shoot and was able to use this practical experience as part of his degree. He is now studying professional scuba diving to add to his CV.

“I am building my dream by getting as qualified as possible, not only to make myself more competent, but to show employers that I am dedicated towards this industry.”

Next year he plans to head off to film a documentary with Cambridge University, based on the hunt for a rare bird of paradise, last seen in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in 1940. Only one specimen exists in a museum in London and the team is determined to find out what happened to this species.

“No one is sure if the bird is a one-off hybrid or a sub-species. I want to discover the truth one way or another,” he says.

He will also be focusing on supporting conservation and sustainability while travelling in PNG. Mat hopes to show locals ways of protecting local habitats, advocating for eco-tourism to financially support conservation projects in the country.

The next stop on the globe is Japan, where Mat has been offered a six-month contract to photograph for an outdoor company.

Set to graduate from CPIT next year, Mat is already well on his way to the career of his dreams. He has invested his time in gaining a degree, as well becoming qualified in practical pursuits in the industry he is passionate about.
“I love the work I do and I will always seek new experience and knowledge.”

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