ICT enhances WiFi across Madras Street

ICT enhances WiFi across Madras Street

Staff and students at CPIT are bringing more devices to the campus. A quick survey by ICT in the library revealed an average of more than 2 devices per person connected to the WiFi.

Due to this increased demand for WiFi density, and the need to bring WiFi access to areas not previously covered, ICT has completed a major, $100,000, upgrade to improve wireless access across the Madras Street campus. This will improve access to all services available wirelessly on any device.

There are now 48 new access points, enhancing connectivity in:

D Level 1, 2 and 3

PX Level 2

E Level 2

C Block

P Level 1 and 2

TV Level 1 and 2

N Level 2, 4 and 5

O Level 2

ALX - Library Level 1

Campus Connect hubs at Bishopdale, Rangiora and New Brighton.

Areas planned for further investment in 2016 include Music Arts, S Block, TM Block and PX Block.

New coverage maps will be be added to Campus Life and feedback about coverage is always welcome: ICT Service Desk 8800 or [email protected]

Meanwhile CPIT Trades got its own upgrade earlier this year as part of the redevelopment of the Trades campus and this will be ongoing during further redevelopment work in 2016.

Over at X303, students asked for upgraded monitors and these have now been delivered - there are 28 new widescreen HP monitors ready for action in 2016.