Graduates take Māori to business world

Graduates take Māori to business world

Te Reo is emerging as a powerful point of difference when it comes to marketing New Zealand on the international stage and a new degree programme at CPIT reflects the shift in thinking.

The latest addition to the suite of language and culture programmes currently offered at CPIT’s Te Puna Wānaka is the Bachelor of Māori Language and Indigenous Studies programme. The new programme gives students the opportunity to also study subjects such as business, marketing, outdoor education and sustainability and musical arts, giving them more career options when they graduate.

CPIT’s Te Puna Wānaka Manager Hemi Hoskins has been working on the collaborative approach and was pleased to receive authority from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority to offer the new programme for 2014.

Graduates take Maori language to business world

Tutor Sela Faletolu discusses culture and language study options with Peter Crichton.

“Our Māori culture and language is New Zealand’s point of difference in the global market and there are endless opportunities just waiting to be explored” says CPIT’s Te Puna Wānaka manager Hemi Hoskins. “The possibilities have not been fully explored and there is much more opportunity for Te Reo than those traditionally recognised.” he said.

New Zealand is at the forefront of language revival globally with tertiary departments such as CPIT’s Te Puna Wānaka actively participating in key research, teaching and collaborative initiatives. Te Puna Wānaka also works closely with community, government and local iwi to contextualise and apply the students’ learning to ensure relevance within cultural and career based contexts.