Faletolu joins Canterbury's anti-violence champions

Faletolu joins Canterbury's anti-violence champions

Sela Faletolu, from CPIT’s Centre for Māori and Pasifika Achievement, is standing strong against family violence, lending her support to the Canterbury Can campaign, launched late August.

Faletolu joins high profile local champions for the campaign including Sir Mark Solomon, Reverend Mike Coleman, Anna Galvan, Sophia Fenwick, Sela Faletolu, Jason Gunn and Janine Gunn-Morrell. The campaign is particularly close to her heart with her late father, Reverend Lapana Faletolu, previously giving his support, and face, to the campaign.

The message of the campaign - that friends, family and neighbours should never ignore family violence - aligns with the work Faletolu has been doing with Māori and Pasifika secondary school students.

No Limits poster

Running the No Limits! programme with Silivelio Fasi, Faletolu inspires young adults to re-engage with their education and strive to have better lives – not just through finding their career, but also by being the best parents and partners they can be.

Faletolu is well known in the Pasifika community for her passionate approach and the effectiveness of her work.

Through the campaign, Faletolu will help to raise awareness of family violence, which is an important issue for Canterbury. Communities that survive a major disaster typically experience increases in family violence, campaign spokespeople say.  

“Family violence is everybody’s problem. It affects young and old across all ethnicities and all socio-economic groups. This campaign is about giving people the confidence that ‘It is OK’ for them to take action and seek help,” Eve Lafferty, Service Manager from Barnardos, says.



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