Creative students take part as technology dissolves boundaries

Creative students take part as technology dissolves boundaries

CPIT Aoraki's new Motion Design qualification reflects huge technological shifts that are blurring lines between film, gaming, online multimedia and art, says a key contributor to the innovative new programme.

CPIT Aoraki tutor Tim Budgen has seen multimedia evolve during the last 15 years of teaching in Art & Design at CPIT.


"I am definitely interested in the convergence of art and technology and in non-traditional outcomes for multimedia work. There is a good representation of this in Christchurch where you have, for example, projections onto graffiti in the Spectrum festival, Gapfiller projects challenging norms and bringing people into creative spaces in the city, lots of street art and the Giraffes project where painted giraffes started appearing around the city.

"There was an underground of non-traditional art here before, but it has really expanded since the earthquakes and gained huge awareness and acceptance."

This expansion of art, combined with Tim's connections, opens opportunities for students. In winter, for example, Motion Design students will help to create a light installation and animation event in the Christchurch Botanic Gardens.

A student works on multimedia project in CPIT Aoraki's School of Art & Design

Tim's industry experience, specialising in interactive video installations for live music events has further convinced him that CPIT Aoraki is on the right track - preparing graduates with the tools and the creative critical thinking skills that this fast moving industry needs.

Graduates of the multimedia specialisation are working in a variety of companies. "A lot of our students are interested in film and gaming, but some specialise in drawing and concept art. We have graduates at Christchurch game design companies Stickman and Cerebral Fix, quite a few at WETA in different roles, some doing digital design for web, one is working as an artist and another developed an app for his final year project which is available on the app store."

 uses the latest industry equipment including Cinema 4D for modelling, animating, lighting, texturing and rendering. CPIT Aoraki enjoys a close relationship with Cinema 4D creators and distributors Megabits who support the programme with software and a major prize for the best 3D work.

There's still time to enrol for 2016. For more information see

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