CPIT Tutor releases moving memoir

CPIT Tutor releases moving memoir

CPIT tutor Sandra Arnold is receiving outstanding reviews after the release of her new book Sing No Sad Songs in June.The moving memoir tells the story of losing her young adult daughter to cancer. One of New Zealand’s leading writers Fiona Farrell describes it as “a brave and wonderful book”.

Dr Arnold wrote Sing No Sad Songs for her PhD in Creative Writing from Central Queensland University after the death of her daughter Rebecca from a rare appendix cancer nine years ago. Rebecca was a healthy, energetic art student who studied art and design at CPIT. Her artwork is featured on the cover of the book.

During Rebecca’s illness Dr Arnold found that medical professionals could have been more sensitive when dealing with the terminally ill and their family members. After Rebecca passed Dr Arnold began to feel isolated because people did not know how to help her. The family found it hard to accept that cancer could get the better of the fit and seemingly healthy 23-year-old Rebecca. Dr Arnold wrote the book in the hope that it can be used as a tool to help the bereaved and the people around them better understand and deal with grief.

The memoir part of Dr Arnold’s thesis was always intended to be published as a book. She wanted the story to be accessible to everyone as a way for other bereaved parents to recognise and give voice to their own stories. “I also hope it will provide signposts along the way for bereaved parents and show them that although there is no getting over the death of their child, it is possible to learn to live with the loss,” she said.

Sing No Sad Songs is available for purchase in most book stores and will be available online from October.


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