CPIT students excel in roles with Strategy

CPIT students excel in roles with Strategy


Nikita Dudson and Matt Kitto outside the new Strategy Building

CPIT Bachelor of Design graduates Nikita Dudson and Matt Kitto are flourishing in their new roles as part of the creative team at Strategy Design and Advertising. They were both snapped up after putting their work on show at CPIT’s Ignition Festival last year and were offered an initial three month internship by Strategy’s Creative Partner Guy Pask.

Much of their time at CPIT was spent in a studio environment alongside people on collaborative projects which has made it easy for Dudson and Kitto to mesh with the team at Strategy. The environment at CPIT was representative of the industry and inspiring for the two graduates. “It was definitely helpful in terms of my transition to Strategy,” Kitto said.

Pask is impressed with the way the two graduates work together. “It is nice to see the way they collaborate with their different skill-sets and strengths,” he said. Strategy in Christchurch has never taken on two interns before but couldn’t choose between Dudson and Kitto. Having two fresh minds is exciting for the busy company.

The practical approach to learning at CPIT is proving invaluable in Dudson and Kitto’s day-to-day working lives. “The tutors at CPIT taught me the importance of creative thinking, something that is fundamental in my current position,” Kitto said. Dudson points out that even her essays have proved helpful as practice for presenting work and explaining rationales to clients.

Dudson and Kitto are relishing the chance to expand their knowledge even further. They are involved in a huge variety of tasks from concept, to design, through to presenting briefs to clients. “I am in an environment where I get to work with and learn from some very talented, experienced and creative people and I try to learn as much as I can,” Kitto said.

Despite a rather shaky introduction to the creative industry, Dudson and Kitto are sticking with Christchurch. They see opportunity here in the future and could not imagine a better place to start their careers. Pask too sees prospects for creative young students in Canterbury and is looking forward to witnessing the quality of work that comes out of CPIT’s Ignition Festival this year.

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