CPIT students enliven city sites

CPIT students enliven city sites

As Christchurch organisations strive to rejuvenate central city urban environments, CPIT students and tutors are lending their skills to help out a range of projects.

Pizza anyone?

Bachelor of Architectural Studies students were first off the mark with a traditional cob pizza oven for Gapfiller’s Summer Pallet Pavillon on the site of the former Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Gapfiller has temporarily ‘activated’ vacant sites within Christchurch with creative projects since the September 2011 earthquake and continues to work toward a more interesting, dynamic and vibrant city with the help of volunteers and students.

The pizza oven project is part of the recent Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA) and also fulfils a sustainability component of the students’ programme.

After trials at CPIT testing different ratios of sand, clay and straw for strength and functionality, the team hand-mixed, or rather stomped large quantities of the material. Students from Discovery School helped with the work.  

“It was way more labour intensive than we thought,” Architectural Studies student Kate McDougall said. “You need a lot of material - sand and clay. For anything bigger than a pizza oven you would need a source of clay onsite and a lot of friends.”

The traditional pizza oven will be operated by a commercial operator when the Summer Pallet Pavillion opens in December.

More pallets


CPIT Carpentry students worked on the Gapfiller Summer Pallet Pavillion recently. 

Also on the Summer Pallet Pavillon site, CPIT carpentry students have helped build up the pallets walls. The project relies heavily on volunteer help, but the end result will be an exciting transitional space – Gapfiller’s most ambitious yet - that can be used for live music, cinema, performance and community events until April 2013.  

Multicoloured mural

Meanwhile over at the Re:Start Mall, CPIT Painting and Decorating students have worked with SCAPE Public Art to bring a huge wall mural to life. Designed by University of Canterbury Fine Arts student Rachael Dewhirst, the mural is part of the inaugural Resene Art in the Streets SCAPE Christchurch Mural.

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