CPIT student wins free wedding

CPIT student wins free wedding

CPIT student Rebecca Germann and fiancé Justin White celebrated their wedding on September 3. It wasn’t just any wedding; Germann and White were the lucky winners of a dream wedding prize which covered every detail from the ceremony to the honeymoon.

 White was flipping through the NZ Weddings Magazine soon after the couple became engaged in December 2010 and saw the competition entry form to win a dream wedding. The couple thought they may as well give it a go as a bit of fun.

To their surprise they were shortlisted as one of four finalists whose photos and descriptions were published in the NZ Weddings magazine. The rest was up to a public vote via email and getting friends to vote wasn’t hard, Germann said.

The couple were thrilled when they were announced the winners and they then had just 3 months to plan the wedding with the help of a wedding planner and several sponsors. As a student , Germann found it so much less stressful having someone else to organise it as she just didn’t have time with her hectic Bachelor of Nursing schedule.

She got to pick everything she wanted and the couple were wed on September 3 in Bombay. “Everyone had a great night,” Germann said. They will take their all expenses paid honeymoon in January when Germann has CPIT holidays.

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