CPIT Smokefree in 2013

CPIT Smokefree in 2013

CPIT is going Smokefree on 1 January 2013.

The institute’s new Smokefree Policy will be launched today and will be effective from 1 January 2013. The policy applies to CPIT campuses, carparks and CPIT vehicles and affects all staff, students and visitors.

The policy is designed to support staff wellbeing. “We are committed to ensuring a safe working and learning environment free from the proven harmful effects of second-hand smoke,” CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles said. Although smoking is known as a major cause of illness and death, some people may choose to maintain this habit, but for those who want to use the Smokefree deadline as motivation to quit, we will help as much as we can.”

An important part of CPIT’s Smokefree Policy is to provide support and resources for smokers who want to quit. The CPIT Health Centre currently offers motivational and practical smoking cessation support for staff and students and an institute staff member has also created a CPIT Staff Quit Smoking Support Group. Other resources can be accessed on the CPIT’s website, including resources specific to students and services specific to Maori and Pasifika.

An estimated 4,500-5,000 New Zealanders die from smoking related illness each year, while a packet-a-day smoker spends around $4500 a year, according to . Quitting smoking saves money and significantly improves health in both the short and long term.

CPIT supports the government vision of a by 2025. The institute’s Smokefree Policy is a collaboration between the CPIT Council, management, student association (CPSA), Human Resources, Health and Safety and Facilities Management.


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