CPIT signs two MOUs with Indian tertiary institutions

CPIT signs two MOUs with Indian tertiary institutions

A government-led drive to attract more international students to New Zealand has resulted in CPIT forming new alliances with two tertiary institutions in India.

This move was led by Education NZ, a crown entity and lead organisation in marketing New Zealand's education industry overseas. India is New Zealand's second-largest and fastest-growing source of international students.

The first of these agreements is a Memorandum of Understanding signed by CPIT and Gujarat Technological University, to cooperate in a Graduate School for Smart Cities Development. These are urban areas built with integrated systems, including government services, transport and traffic management, energy, health care, water and waste.

image of GTU agreementCPIT and Gujarat Technological University have entered a study agreement. Pictured from left, CPIT international market sector manager Sushrutha Metikurke, CPIT Head of Computing Nathan Rountree and CPIT supervising engineering tutor Rob Dantzer, with Education New Zealand Business Development Manager Shailaja Vora and GTU's Graduate School of Smart Cities Development Hon. Director and Professor Rajnikant Patel.

CPIT had agreed to become a smart cities knowledge partner, CPIT International Director Beth Knowles said.

"CPIT fitted into the initiative well because of its IT and graduate programmes. The Christchurch rebuild under smart city principles also aligns GTU and CPIT very well."

Creating exciting opportunities for more international and domestic students to work together would ensure they were well prepared for a rapidly changing world that was becoming more connected, she said.

The Gujarati institution in India's west is involved with Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or GIFT City, a smart city currently under construction between the cities of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.  Its main purpose is to provide high quality physical infrastructure so that finance and tech firms from elsewhere in India can move their operations to a purpose-built, less expensive location.

Part of the agreement would also involve the co-supervision of Information and Communication Technology PhD students from GTU, Knowles said.

The second memorandum agreement is between CPIT and Acharya Education Services Private Limited on behalf of the Acharya Institutes in Bengaluru, South India.

Its main purpose was to work on pathway arrangements for the Acharya diploma students into CPIT's Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Knowles said. An initial pilot scheme would involve taking the 10 best applicants and placing five of these students into CPIT's engineering degree course, she said.

"This is quite ground-breaking. There's not a lot of New Zealand institutes doing this in India."

The Gujarat and Acharya agreements follow a newly-formed partnership between CPIT and the Jaipuria Institute of Management, with six students from the Lucknow and Delhi campuses visiting Christchurch on a two-week study tour recently.

The CPIT Foundation is funding six business students to attend the Jaipuria institution, next January.

image of building CPIT and Gujarat Technological University in India have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to become knowledge partners in the development of "smart cities". Both institutions share common links to the rebuild and establishment of modern and integrated cities, which present both practical and academic learning opportunities for both countries. Pictured, Christchurch's bus exchange and emergency services precinct under construction earlier this year.



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