CPIT offers 60 public presentations for Research Month

CPIT offers 60 public presentations for Research Month

CPIT is offering organisations of all types free tips for success by making the institute’s research output publicly available this month. A series of research-focussed presentations covering business, the arts, education, trades, health and the community sector are open to the public during CPIT’s Research Month from 6 – 29 August.

The 60 afternoon presentations from CPIT’s Departments of Nursing and Human Services, Computing, Business, Creative Industries and more cover a wide range of topics from general interest to specialisations.

Research Month presenters will discuss virtualisation in computing, broadcasting deregulation and culture, strategies for Maori language revitalisation, work-integrated social work research, the diagnostic efficacy of the iPad and how health supplements may be adversely affecting athletes’ post-performance recovery.

Learn more about how we as a community are coping after the earthquakes, what helps small to medium New Zealand businesses succeed overseas and why trades tutors are encouraging their students to talk in class as part of peer vocational learning trials.

“At CPIT we have the capabilities to produce research that can inform and improve industry performance,” CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles said. “Whatever your field is, best practice has to be underpinned by up-to-date, relevant knowledge that can be applied to various sectors. So research is essential if organisations are to thrive in dynamic, evolving environments, keep their skills current and succeed.

“We focus on research that has practical outcomes so we often work collaboratively with our industry partners. Innovative research can stimulate fresh thinking and steer leaders into new directions.”

For a information phone 0800 24 24 76.

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