CPIT designers turn offcuts into jewellery

CPIT designers turn offcuts into jewellery

Being an art & design student at CPIT is all about being given creative challenges and the latest one comes from Rekindle, the organisation creating furniture and other items from the wood reclaimed from demolished houses.

First year Bachelor of Design students present re–construct, a collection of jewellery made from tiny wood offcuts, from 12 to 20 December at Rekindle in New Regent Street. One design will be chosen to be added to the Rekindle collection at a prize giving on 11 December.

“This collaboration is so exciting for Rekindle as we get to see these first year CPIT students apply their new creative thinking, problem solving and innovation to material we know so well,” Juliet Arnold, Rekindle Founder and Director said.


“One of the designs will be chosen as the most successful, and this will then become a product taken to market by Rekindle. It’s a wonderful opportunity for students to think about how waste materials can be turned, via a design process, into marketable products.

“It’s so good to see tiny pieces of wood being valued in this way. The sneak preview I have had of their designs was very exciting; they are sophisticated contemporary pieces.”

 Re-construct is at Rekindle, 35 New Regent Street, 10am - 6pm, until 20 December.


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