CPIT Chefs complete Culinary Arts Degree

CPIT Chefs complete Culinary Arts Degree


CPIT tutors Dennis Taylor and Tony Smith and graduate Nathan Sandes  have worked hard to formalise their years of professional chef experience, becoming some of the first Bachelor of Culinary Arts graduates from Otago Polytechnic last week. Working through Capable New Zealand the three chefs completed the degree in just one year through assessment of prior learning and workshops aimed at expanding their knowledge.

The programme encouraged chefs to be creative in some new areas of culinary innovation, including sensory science and food chemistry.  Food chemistry in particular is emerging as a trend in modernist cuisine restaurants and was of particular interest to those who completed the programme.

Dennis Taylor, Manager of Culinary Programmes at CPIT said “I am excited by the new cutting edge culinary cooking methods we learnt more about. Food chemistry can be used to produce unique flavours and textures and is something I would now like to explore more.”

The chefs who took part were also encouraged to reflect on their own experiences in the culinary trade and to explore their philosophy of cooking.  “Reflecting through study made me realise how far I have come and how much knowledge I have gained in my career,” Taylor said.

Graduating from this new programme has been an exciting step for the three CPIT chefs and they would like to use their experience to show students at CPIT that there are possibilities for higher study out there. “There is life beyond the kitchen for us chefs and realising that is inspiring,” Taylor said.