CPIT Campus Master Plan launched

CPIT Campus Master Plan launched

CPIT has announced an extensive $120m, including government support, programme of new building and refurbishment work that will enable the institute to train high quality graduates in more flexible, modern facilities.

"Our post-earthquake engineering evaluation of our building stock revealed little structural damage. However the need for cosmetic repair work has encouraged us to reassess our master planning and bring some of the developments forward. It's an exciting programme of work that will take us through to 2022," CPIT Chief Executive Kay Giles said.  

The plans are the outcome of a complex analysis of regional development, industry needs, projected growth and future training delivery.

Work on both campuses has begun. Stage 1 of the Campus Master Plan at Madras Street is a new purpose-built Whareora (Science and Wellbeing Facility), designed by Athfield Architects and featuring sports facilities, a community health centre and learning spaces. This is planned to be completed at the end of 2014.

Campus master plan 

Subsequent stages features a new Engineering and Architectural Studies building, a new Corporate Services building, more green spaces, the Rakaia Centre repurposed as a Student Hub and a proposed new performing arts facility. CPIT will self-fund the majority of this investment from existing cash reserves and future operational sures.

Expansion at the Trades Innovation Institute campus, supported by government funding of $18.9m, will create new buildings and flexible learning spaces for the projected increase of 400 'equivalent full time' students (up to 1000 individual students). The work includes three new buildings of 2,500 m2 and repurposing 11,000 m2 of buildings.

"By 2019, every building on our campuses will be new or will have been remediated and refurbished. Our recently released Technology Enhanced Learning Strategy and our current Learning Spaces Pilot project are guiding the challenge to create amazing learning spaces and educational delivery options throughout the institute. It's an exciting challenge in the context of exciting times for our city," Giles said.

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