CPIT Accountancy Programme’s Wins NZ Accreditation

CPIT Accountancy Programme’s Wins NZ Accreditation

CPIT’s School of Business continues to embrace professional affiliations with the recent announcement of a New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants (NZICA) accreditation.

From next year, graduates of the Bachelor of Applied Management course will be able to apply for NZICA accreditation and will be admitted to the professional body as Associate Chartered Accountants.

School of Business Programme leader Teresa Schwellnus said that local and international accreditation is important in the accounting profession and therefore important to CPIT too.

“We want that stamp of approval. It makes us very competitive because it is a full recognition of our academic quality and the practical significance of our programmes to the accounting profession,” she said. “Our students receive a comprehensive education in business and accounting and our programmes really give them the options to either specialise or complete a double major for a wider career choice.”

The NZICA accreditation will increase placement options for students’ six month internship, which forms an important practical component of the programme and ensures students are ready to contribute to their workplace from day one after graduating.

Bruce Bennett, the General Manager of the CA Program and Admissions said that the NZICA accreditation panel was delighted with the high standard of the accreditation application.

“Our congratulations to CPIT’s Head of School of Business John West and the CPIT team on this achievement, which is a significant opportunity for CPIT to extend its reach to local and international students alike.

“We are very much looking forward to working with CPIT to raise awareness of their ACA accreditation with secondary schools and employers, and then to welcoming CPIT graduates as members of the College of Associate Chartered Accountant’s,” he said.

Accounting is a stable and challenging career choice, Teresa said. “It is a very exciting and popular profession, especially now in Canterbury. The rebuild of Christchurch will add additional pressure to businesses to ensure they are receiving appropriate financial advice with the amount of insurance claims being processed in Christchurch. There are new levels of needs and employability for accountants and it is likely that many local people will be looking to up-skill. Perhaps they have completed the diploma and they now want to move onto the bachelor qualification.”



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