Cooking for a cause at CPIT

Cooking for a cause at CPIT

Charity begins at home but in this case it's in a CPIT kitchen.

Charitable organisation FoodShare's "Cooking for a cause" initiative will be using CPIT's Food and Hospitality department facilities to prepare food for the Ronald McDonald House children's charity, from 6pm to 9pm Tuesday September 22.

Getting behind a good cause: CPIT cookery and bakery manager Ryan Marshall's department is helping out with the food rescue initiative Cooking for a Cause tomorrow night. CPIT's food and hospitality facilities will be used to prepare meals for the Ronald McDonald House charity, for distribution to families in need.

Chef Mark Sycamore of Christchurch's Tequila Mockingbird restaurant would be cooking for the cause, with meals to be distributed to the out of town families of sick children who are in hospital in Christchurch, CPIT cookery and bakery manager Ryan Marshall said.

The initiative was instigated by FoodShare, an organisation that uses donated food and puts it to use. FoodShare was started in Dunedin in March 2012 and distributes more than 30,000 meals per month to charities around the city. This gave rise to a second venture KiwiHarvest, which began in Auckland in March this year, and has distributed the equivalent of 82,000 meals to the needy.

The organisation also has a mandate to educate and empower communities about how to "rescue food", rather than letting it go to landfills.

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