Common bond in Te Reo brings students together

Common bond in Te Reo brings students together

Medical Imagery and Workskills students at CPIT have been studying Te Reo together in a unique learning collaboration this term.

Workskills students' Maori language prowess had proven invaluable to first year Bachelor of Medical Imaging students, their lecturer Rachel Cullens said.

"I am very grateful to the Workskills staff for accommodating this. Our students have thoroughly enjoyed their time and we are all very pleased with the outcome. Our students will be doing a presentation on working with people who have a learning disability in a few weeks."

The collaboration had helped her students develop their communication skills and given them strategies for working with people of all abilities and disabilities, Cullens said.

"Unlike a physio or a doctor who get several appointments to build up a relationship with their patients, medical imagers usually only get a short time so it's important they have strategies to adapt to any situation by quickly establishing a rapport."

Workskills students had also taken part in a lesson on x-rays and a quiz on anatomy at this week's session. Programme leader Barbara Ross-Davis said her students had also enjoyed sharing their knowledge with the Medical Imaging students. 

"In our classroom we have done Te Kupu o te Wiki for the last year and now we are continuing our learning with Te Rerenga Kōrero for the remainder of this year."

Head of CPIT's Applied Sciences and Allied Health Dr Jerry Shearman said the collaboration was "fantastic, and a great way to truly integrate campus activities."


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