Colour Box brings life to the city

Colour Box brings life to the city

CPIT Art & Design students have taken their work to the streets of Christchurch with grand scale installations going up this week on Artbox and in Sumner for Colour Box.

In collaboration with the Christchurch Arts Festival 2013, the project is as eye-catchingly bold and bright as the name suggests.

Colour Box references the 1935 animated short film by Len Lye, a famous alumni of CPIT’s parent institution, the Christchurch Technical College.

Work by Art and Design students for Colour Box

Colour Box designs displayed in Sumner by CPIT's Art & Design students.

“Lye’s highly kinetic works often used colour and simple shapes to mimic the joy and movement inherent in life itself,” CPIT Manager of Art & Design Bruce Russell says. “The guidelines for student submissions specified the need for bold and dynamic use of colour and pattern. In repeated multiples these patterns, while static, do evoke feelings of joy and the impression of movement.”

A staff panel selected designs from the students’ submissions, which were then digitally laid out for two installations. The first installation is on the outside of the Art Boxes on the corner of Madras Street and Asaph Street near CPIT, with eight large panels facing St Asaph Street for one month.

In addition a larger selection of work has being printed as ‘wallpaper’ and has been hung in the Sumner Art Window, 17 Marriner Street (opposite the Hollywood Cinema). This work will be on view until the end of September.

For the CPIT students this is a valuable chance to see their designs on a large scale and in a social setting where people can respond to them as part of the built landscape of the city.