Collaboration leads to postgraduate programmes in Christchurch

Collaboration leads to postgraduate programmes in Christchurch

Image of theatrical performance

Christchurch can look forward to more innovative performances and creative projects from talented New Zealand performers and artists. CPIT Aoraki and Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec) are collaborating to offer Wintec's Bachelor of Media Arts (honours) and Master of Arts programmes in Christchurch starting this March.

"The honours and masters programmes give graduates a great opportunity to develop their specialist skills, domain of practice, and ultimately their employability, within an academic or industry context," CPIT Aoraki Creative Industries Head of Department Tom Rainey says.

The postgraduate programmes give graduates of CPIT Aoraki's performance, art and design, music and broadcasting degrees the opportunity to continue studying in Christchurch and work on developing their portfolios.

"The programmes are a combination of theory and practical work. Academic rigour underlines students' work and creative output, with the focus on applied outcomes," Rainey says.

Students from different backgrounds and disciplines will be brought together to study and explore theory with the opportunity for collaborative work across the streams.

"We can foresee the possibility of broadcasting, music, performance, art and design students working together collaboratively," Rainey says.

One of the significant advantages for the Christchurch public is the opportunity to see and experience the creative output of postgraduate students.

"Some of the projects will get a public airing so other students and the public will be able to appreciate the work our postgraduate students are producing," he says.

The addition of postgraduate courses will also benefit undergraduate students.

"We are looking forward to seeing the impact postgraduate activity has on our under graduates. We hope that there will be the opportunity to share experiences and ideas, and that this may in turn lead to greater learning opportunities all round.  Having innovative peer groups is important to the creative process," Rainey says.

People interested in studying should Tom Rainey at CPIT Aoraki Creative Industries, phone (03) 940 8430.