Chinese programme delivery changes

Chinese programme delivery changes

Chinese language programme delivery at CPIT is changing in 2014 in response to the needs of business and the community.

Rather than the full time Certificate and Diploma programmes, the institute will offer short courses tailored to specific business needs, which can be delivered at the institute or at workplaces.

Despite CPIT earning a reputation for intensive Chinese language training that resulted in a high degree of spoken and written proficiency, enrolments have been in decline since 2010.

CPIT Head of the Department of Humanities Mark Hornby said Chinese Mandarin is still an important language for New Zealanders.

Chinese background

“Employers value languages such as Chinese. I think there will be a demand for short language courses here in Christchurch. We will certainly be very proactive in putting the opportunity out there.”

CPIT is planning to meet employers’ needs through 16 hour courses designed for local businesses that are working with Chinese people or sending staff to China.

CPIT will maintain strong links with the Chinese community in Christchurch. The institute will continue to work with the Chinese Consular Office and the Confucius Institute to promote Chinese language and culture in Christchurch.

The Confucius Institute Chinese Resource Centre at CPIT will continue to operate, CPIT will continue to host the HSK Chinese proficiency exams and the New Zealand China Friendship Society Prizegiving event each year in December.

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