Chase the clouds away, says CPIT Aoraki artist

Chase the clouds away, says CPIT Aoraki artist

Local Christchurch artist Holly Ross began painting a mural as a temporary art work exhibit on the hoarding surrounding CPIT Aoraki's Te Kei building's construction site today.

The artwork entitled Chase the Clouds Away will use Japanese style imagery and subtle detail to portray a positive message.

"It's intended to be a journey from a darker place to a brighter one. At the start of the wall (closest to the Rakaia Centre) the background will be black and will gradually change to blue and then white as the mural moves around the corner," Ross says.

Artist Holly Ross picked a suitably sunny day to begin her mural, Chase the Clouds Away, at CPIT Aoraki's Madras Street campus.  

The work follows an earlier mural by Ross entitled We Got the Sunshine on Madras Street and a new body of typographical work titled "Words are Weapons" currently on show at the Artbox Small gallery. 

The mural was inspired by a song called Chase the Clouds Away by Evidence.

"Musical lyrics inspire a lot of my art. I wanted something quite positive and it's just a reminder not to worry about stuff."

Ross says she likes painting murals because it gives her an opportunity to work outside and it was a form of art which is more accessible to people.

"I like the way people can see my work, it's not in an art gallery. It can be enjoyed by everybody."

Ross expects to start work on the hoarding on Wednesday 9 March. The entire hoarding will be about 40 metres long when it is fully erected. The artwork is due to be completed by the end of April.

The Te Kei building is due to be completed by the end of 2016 and is destined to be CPIT Aoraki's administration hub. It will house the Executive team, Human Resources, Finance, Business Development and the Project Management Office.