Broadcasting school helps out Brazilian film team

Broadcasting school helps out Brazilian film team

Filming equipment on loan from CPIT’s New Zealand Broadcasting School (NZBS) will enable an independent Brazilian documentary team to carry on with their project after their van was robbed on 21 November in Christchurch.

Journalist Barbara Rocha, 33, and photographer Vagner Alcantelado, 45, are travelling around New Zealand creating a travel documentary and had been in Christchurch for about a month. They were determined to carry on despite their bad luck, but the incident has meant they have now made more local connections, including with CPIT.

“We are so touched and do not have words to express how grateful we are to the School of Broadcasting! This is a huge help! The people of New Zealand are truly the best. Thank you so much!” Barbara responded by email to the NZBS’ offer of a camera and associated equipment.

Brazilian documentary team 

Vagner Alcantelado and Barbara Rocha from the Brazilian documentary team with borrowed gear from New Zealand Broadcasting School.

Fortunately, the project’s hard drive and computer were not amongst the $6000 worth of gear that was stolen, so their previous work has been saved.

Barbara said she did not consider New Zealand unsafe; in fact quite the opposite. “A crime like that happens all the time in Brazil. In my country there’s no way we could do the project like this, going around and sleeping in a campervan. New Zealand is amazing!”

The pair will continue to travel around the south island, and look forward to returning to Christchurch in February.