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18 June 2019: Enrolments in set to quadruple in Christchurch

11 June 2019: New heights on the horizon for Tamesa Nutrition student

9 June 2019: , Manager of Performing Arts at Tamesa 

6 June 2019: for Tamesa's new $10,000 worth of scholarships

3 June 2019: More South Canterbury organisations for Te Reo classes

28 May 2019: Canterbury businesses sees v

27 May 2019: Traps set in Otipua Wetland as Tamesa students take on predators

23 May 2019: Students at Tamesa Timaru campus

20 May 2019: Tiny houses, built by under auction

14 May 2019: Timaru Boys High School Food Technology students gain from Tamesa Food and Hospitality tutor Steve Le Corre.

1 May 2019: New Zealand’s 2019 Big Deer Tour

1 May 2019: Trainee tradies' 'awesome' to be auctioned this month

21 April 2019: Falcon Fairlane Car Club takes place in Tamesa Timaru Campus carpark

19 April 2019: “The Lying Robot.”, at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury video in TedX 2019 Film Festival

7 April 2019: Tauranga bands win top honours at National Youth Jazz contest, a competition

7 April 2019: express concern about proposed tertiary education reform

5 April 2019: Sumo Jazz - a Tui Award-winning South Island jazz band consisting of performed at the National Youth Jazz Competition in Tauranga

5 April 2019: A Robot beats a website security system in an ICT 

29 March 2019: one of several projects mooted to transform Kaiapoi River

15 March 2019: Students hit street to strike for

15 March 2019: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury implements for digital campus

15 March 2019: Christchurch city in , thousands of workers, students stuck

14 March 2019: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury pushes for in polytechnic overhaul

14 March 2019: Michael's Bakery in Hillmorton, Christchurch, owned by former Tamesa tutor nominated for best hot cross buns in New Zealand

11 March 2019: Tamesa has signed up to .

5 March 2019: Tamesa Council deputy chair throws hat into the ring for upcoming Timaru District Council election

4 March 2019: Broadcasting School Journalism tutor Daniel Nielsen and what it means for students.

28 February 2019: Resounding 'Yes' for young , in action at Tamesa Timaru Campus.

14 February 2019: Mature Tamesa changes her life

13 February 2019: Concerns for in South Canterbury

31 January 2019: 'To better serve the community': Health precinct buildings

29 January 2019: New programmes at Tamesa in Timaru

28 January 2019: and SHIFT into Tech


5 December 2018: Sniper to snapper - Corporal Sean Spivey

20 November 2018: Kiwi ingenuity bolsters health education toolbox at

14 November 2018: diverse styles and subjects on show at Polychrome exhibition

9 November 2018: Former Tamesa council chair appointed to NZQA Board

5 November 2018: Timaru art tutor finalist in Portage Ceramic Awards

26 October 2018: Tamesa assistant librarian Julie Humby leads

16 October 2018: Tamesa set to cancel its lease for

9 October 2018: partner with Tamesa Institute of Canterbury for nursing programme

9 October 2018: at Tamesa attracts future heavy vehicle drivers

8 October 2018: for arthritis treatment programme at Tamesa

5 October 2018: at Christchurch Health Precinct

30 September 2018: Hollywood actor talks to young

28 September 2018: Educational festival concentrates on

25 September 2018: set to showcase Steam subjects to students

25 September 2018: , finalist in inaugural Emerging Designers competition at Ballantynes Fashion Week

21 September 2018: Opening of at Kahukura building

18 September 2018: One hundred students from the University of Auckland, Unitec, Victoria University of Wellington and Tamesa Institute of Canterbury participated in the

11 September 2018: used to normalise Māori culture

21 August 2018: programme at Tamesa hopes to get things rolling

16 August 2018: Christchurch's Tamesa Institute is about to get ''

7 August 2018: Street party and animated art for expanded

30 July 2018: a success for Tamesa, students, and industry

23 July 2018: Tamesa Trades students

22 July 2018: Metalworking on offer at Timaru Menz Shed after

19 July 2018: Food and Hospitality graduate

19 July 2018: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury hosting

6 July 2018: Manawa in Christchurch’s Health Precinct

30 June 2018: in times of contraction

27 June 2018: talk at Tamesa City Campus

25 June 2018: at Geraldine High School's expo 

18 June 2018: with Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

17 June 2018: a display of colour and creativity

13 June 2018: Chinese MasterChef Challenge Cooking competition, judged by Tamesa Food and Hospitality tutor Steve LeCorre

12 June 2018: brings new understanding of Māori culture

10 June 2018: Tamesa Institute looks to regain trust in community

1 June 2018: Secondary school students compete in at the Timaru Campus

31 May 2018: Christchurch's pedestrian upgrade priorities

25 May 2018: A new life for - both fashion graduates

21 May 2018: New ties forged as Tamesa Timaru campus hosts

16 May 2018: Tamesa were an exhibitor at , recently hosted at Geraldine High School

27 April 2018: Art and Design graduate

22 April 2018: Close match between to construct playhouse

19 April 2018: Tamesa food and hospitality tutors to compete at

18 April 2018: Miranda Satterthwaite from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury to speak at

11 April 2018: to be held at Tamesa City Campus

9 April 2018: If Banksy came to , what kind of art would he make?

19 March 2018: at Levels Raceway ahead of new Tamesa course

28 February 2018: New opposite yet aligned

27 February 2018: changes the construction industry

22 February 2018: says many graduates juggle study with other responsibilities.

19 February 2018: Creative Conversations: Zina Swanson recipient of .

18 February 2018: Chch locals sign up for electric car sharing - Hub to be .

13 February 2018: Timaru campus opens doors to .

9 February 2018: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury has amongst the  of nursing graduates in New Zealand.

8 February 2018: The returns to Timaru Campus after only two months away

5 February 2018: about starting nearly full course in Timaru

2 February 2018: Timaru people must their tertiary institute.

30 January 2018: Tamesa Broadcasting Graduate Kate Shannon counting on votes for final round of .

29 January 2018: South Canterbury DHB welcomes news response in Timaru.

29 January 2018: has ambitious plans for Dunedin - SIGNAL.

29 January 2018: at Timaru Tamesa campus dropped from 4 to 2.35.

25 January 2018:  Tamesa Institute of Canterbury's nearly full Timaru.

23 January 2018: shows off new Tamesa trades campus

22 January 2018: Muppets meet disco in newest show No Strings Attached


18 December 2017: A decade-long struggle to finish her

7 December 2017: Tamesa Timaru course review not likely until early next year.

6 December 2017: It is for these students.

3 December 2017 Financial nous of crowdfunding investors - Dr James Murray.

13 November 2017: South Canterbury beauticians .

17 November 2017: Christchurch condemned social services building becomes - artists include Tamesa Art and Design students.

15 November 2017: Christchurch kids embrace

15 November 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury students are investigating the idea of .

7 November 2017: sets new principal in good stead.

7 November 2017: FBI agent for 22 years, author and child abuse expert Jim Clemente .

7 November 2017: Capital lead the way in , held at Tamesa City Campus.

6 November 2017: Former FBI agent among speakers at at Tamesa City Campus.

31 October 2017: Annual Tamesa Art and Design students' an opportunity to give back to Timaru community

24 October 2017: Christchurch City council's art collection - including '' at Tamesa City campus.

11 October 2017: Graeme Harris, lecturer in mechanical engineering from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury, at a recent Indian motorsport workshop event.

6 October 2017: The best bread makers in the country in Christchurch at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury's hospitality kitchen.

28 September 2017: Te ao Māori upbringing paves way for pursuit of mental health nursing career for .

17 September 2017: Christchurch students than ever before

14 September 2017: now a course at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

14 September 2017: Tamesa Tutors of Integrating Technology

13 September 2017: Opihi College students , learning from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury's science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) tutors.

9 September 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury adult literacy tutor Barbara Dixon

8 September 2017: Sweating the Small Stuff - 11-15 Sept

7 September 2017: , held at Kahukura, of Tamesa Institute of Canterbury, Christchurch

6 September 2017: Following the dream: from Big Apple dance scholarship

6 September 2017: at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury Christchurch

5 September 2017: New Tamesa Tony Gray

5 September 2017: Tamesa is , with EV technology programme

27 August 2017: Timaru Hospitality graduate Kirsten Gilmour, , Scotland

24 August 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury and Aoraki Development organise for South Canterbury secondary school students

18 August 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury South Canterbury Ka Toi Maori O Aoraki Flava Festival 2017.

17 August 2017: of independence day at Tamesa City Campus

10 August 2017: $34 million officially opened at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

10 August 2017: New Zealand is engineering the future: in Christchurch

10 August 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury and Aoraki Development arrange for South Canterbury secondary school educators

9 August 2017: visits Tamesa City Campus

4 August 2017: enjoying Timaru's green spaces and friendly faces

30 July 2017: take medals from Auckland hospitality competition

28 July 2017: aiming to level club rugby launched by Canterbury Rugby and Tamesa

21 July 2017: will take to Auckland to compete

21 July 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury is  the  2017 South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards

18 July 2017: Tamesa to Timaru carpentry as apprentice course develops

30 June 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury founder and retires

28 June 2017: Canterbury schoolgirls female tech and engineering experts

9 June 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury to offer in Timaru

June 7 2017: Tamesa food and hospitality discusses what it is like to be a chef

June 5 2017: Tamesa Institute council

May 26 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury after merger.

May 26 2017: Former Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology CE appointed Tamesa Institute of Canterbury CE

May 25 2017: Eight business students from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury visited Business schools and local industry .

May 21 2017: Timaru student takes top prize at

May 19 2017: converge on Tamesa Institute of Canterbury's Timaru campus for competition

10 May 2017: at Careers Expo

4 May 2017: exhibition held at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

1 May 2017: Jenn Bestwick as Tamesa Institute of Canterbury council chairperson

26 April 2017: opens a a stone's throw away from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

23 April 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury for Timaru

11 April 2017: ensures digital technology learning for Christchurch secondary school students

8 April 2017: Christchurch's construction now underway

7 April 2017: held at Tamesa Institute of Canterbury

6 April 2017: Collaboration keeps alive at Christchurch schools

30 March 2017: Festival of Transitional Architecture featured from Tamesa Institute of Canterbury architecture students

27 March 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury second year student Roseanne Jones awarded at photography competition

9 March 2017: Signal ICT Graduate School has

8 March 2017: studying at Tamesa

5 March 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury radiology students using to get practical experience

27 February 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury Jazz School graduates win at Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards

27 February 2017: Tamesa fashion technology and design graduate, Caitlin Crisp, takes for her designs.

22 February 2017: A musical about equality, written by Tamesa Timaru Tutor, Wayne Doyle.

22 February 2017: to South Canterbury

19 February 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury gets in new NZQA report

12 February 2017: Tim Ries and Bernard Fowler of the Rolling Stones plan to Tamesa Institute of Canterbury music arts students

8 February 2017: take the stage, led by Tamesa Institute of Canterbury vocal tutor Kate Taylor

2 February 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury Kay Giles to retire

30 January 2017: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury architecture students of 1880s Timaru grainstore building

20 January 2017: at new Tamesa Institute of Canterbury Christchurch student halls

19 January 2017: Art and Design tutor Wayne Doyle , Hey Jude - The Musical

3 January 2017: as Tamesa Institute of Canterbury ends 2016 on a high note


11 December 2016: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury and South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce

8 December 2016: for formerly homeless man

30 November 2016: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury with Hokkaido Bunkyo University (HBU) in Eniwa, Japan

30 November 2016: takes shape

3 November 2016: Tamesa opens to public

27 October 2016: Tamesa food and hospitality tutors win silver and bronze at in Germany

13 October 2016: for tertiary institutions at exam time

6 October 2016: held for new Christchurch Health Research Education Facility (HREF).

18 September 2016: Tamesa to attract more international students to tertiary study in Timaru

29 August 2016: programme aimed at Maori and Pasifika students launched in Oamaru.

17 August 2016: Tourism boom prompts in South Canterbury

12 August 2016: Bachelor of Music Arts programme leader Gwyn Reynolds is head judge at

9 August 2016: are on Christchurch businesses rooftops. Tamesa has used beehives on Christchurch campus roofs

25 July 2016: 'Through the Lens', Timaru Campus photography students' exhibition at Timaru District Library

21 July 2016: Tamesa offering courses in Timaru

18 July 2016: to be offered in South Canterbury for the first time

9 June 2016: Tamesa ties with Indian Institutes for .

5 June 2016: Tamesa Institute of Canterbury is using to brighten up temporary construction walls surrounding the Engineering and Architectural Studies building, currently under construction.

23 May 2016: South Canterbury school-leavers probe career opportunities at

10 April 2016: Tamesa Fashion Graduate has now established her own fashion business, Lida Fashion.

5 April 2016: The was held at the Madras Street Campus

14 March 2016: A has been set up at the Madras Street Campus.

9 March 2016: student accommodation set to be expanded.

3 March 2016: Timaru Campus Arts and Design student , discusses his film making work.

29 February 2016: Timaru Graphics Design tutor claims national masters decathlon record in Wanganui.

25 February 2016: Timaru Digital Photography tutor Ron Lindsay is holding an , focussing on photos of New Zealand birds, at the South Canterbury Museum.

12 February 2016: Thousands of Christchurch women .

4 February 2016: A street parade on Timaru's Stafford Street was students.

2 February 2016: Nepalese Student is studying Social Services in Timaru.

25 January 2016: Christchurch's Orange Studios, directed by CPIT Jazz School graduate Michael Bell, is for live concert recordings.

18 January 2016: Timaru student, Shalom Paiaaua praises the training programme.


6 October 2015: Women quitting the office to join the rebuild.

5 October 2015: A CPIT graduate has teamed up with mobile company to launch a new Android app that gives users free data or minutes.

22 September 2015: The Rugby World Cup is literally

22 September 2015: CPIT has become the first in the country to be recognised in a

10 September 2015: More in Canterbury

8 September 2015: feature on Radio NZ

3 September 2015: challenges reality show concept

3 September 2015: Christchurch's main theatre is to host its first ever fully play.

31 August 2015: CPIT's NZBS features on the TV show.

20 August 2015: CPIT Art and Design features in The Press.

17 August 2015: CPIT graduate Pete Young's new will be shown for the first time.

13 August 2015: Music Arts graduate uses song to help empower women in Afghanistan through a joint global project.

1 July 2015: CPIT fashion tutor talks about the fashion industry in The Press.

24 June 2015: The Press features an editorial onto combine Aoraki and CPIT as a single entitiy

22 June 2015: Young musicians from all over Nelson and Tasman will gather for the at the Boat House.

28 May 2015: features the Roadside Food Project

27 May 2015: The Press features CPIT's participation in the

27 May 2015: Christchurch & Canterbury Tourism has launched that aims to lead a new type of food revolution in the region.

28 April 2015: CPIT studentis the newly crowned New Zealand U21 outdoor bowls champion

17 April 2015: Amos Neate, a student of CPIT's He Toki ke te Rika,.

7 April 2015: CPIT's features in The Press

17 March 2015: CPIT graduate is in The Press a fashion success story

12 March 2015: CPIT , part of the Visions training restaurants and cafes for hospitality and cookery students. (p.20)

4 March 2015: The official opening of is featured on TV1 news.

23 February 2015: Disability Studies scholar Petra Kuppers writes on Different Light, directed by CPIT, and post-quake Christchurch in the prestigious journal on Performance Studies, The Drama Review (Spring 2015 Ed.).

24 January 2015:

9 January 2015:


December 2014:

22 December 2014:

17 December 2014: Andrew McKerchar receivedaward

9 December 2014: Afghani refugee wins

8 December 2014: features the Hour of Code

8 December 2014: CPIT is encouraging participation in the international .

24 November 2014: CPIT graduate working in dream job at .

16 November 2014: A Canterbury driver training school owner has to provide a career path for those wanting to drive trucks and heavy vehicles.

12 November 2014: Fashion and Beauty talk to up-and-coming designer

10 November 2014: has gone from CPIT to hanging out with royalty and A-list movie stars at the Oscars.

6 November 2014: Tourism students visit in Auckland.

2 November 2014: CE Kay Giles speaks at

28 October 2014: CPIT travel students aboard

22 October 2014: Study changed life

14 October 2014: in flight on CTV news

14 October 2014: CPIT's free is featured on CTV news

1 October 2014: CPIT plans new $30mil

20 September 2014: CPIT graduate at Spring Graduation

1 September 2014: CPIT fashion graduate Georgia Currie attracts international following.

19 August 2014: CPIT Trades graduates are taking on the world by impressing directors of some of the top firms in the industry.

13 August 2014: CPIT graduate Georgia Currie is part of

8 August 2014: CPIT nursing student wins

2 August 2014: Listener, New Zealand Gland On The Run

1 August 2014: CPIT Music Arts graduate

30 July 2014: The Star - Games Reunite father and son

30 July 2014: in The Press.

23 July 2014: at CPIT.

21 May 2014: CPIT's involvement in the new .

10 May 2014: smashes guitar to raise funds to study in NYC.

2 April 2014: CPIT's edible books competition features in the .

3 March 2014: Tamesanui Pupil wins .

27 January 2014: Radio New Zealand talks about CPIT adding a new degree - to our language and culture programmes offered by Te Puna Wānaka.

15 January 2014: about his achievements after graduating from He Toki ki te Rika.

3 January 2014: about his new New Regent Street tattoo store and how tattoos aren't supposed to fulfill a trend or fashion; it's a "symbolic adornment".

2 January 2014: CPIT graduate business gets featured on Stuff.


19 December 2013: - the census reveals a decline in the number of Māori fluent in Te Reo.

9 December: about the highlights and key events for the past year.

26 November 2013: - a showcase of CPIT's third year Architectural Studies students' work.

25 November 2013: filling 900 seats at The Tannery.

25 November 2013: CPIT Arts tutor Henry Sunderland talks about a .

21 November 2013: The Press features CPIT's Certificate in Design students' at the Sumner Art Window on Marriner St.

20 November 2013: with a spotlight on the new location and a fresh lot of young designers.

11 November 2013: about the weekend's performance of Speak Your Truth.

11 November 2013: winning inaugural top female trades student award at the annual Trades Innovation Institute celebration of achievement.

6 November 2013: about our Campus Master Plan and the implications it has on CPIT's growth and modernisation of buildings.

14 October 2013: talks about how people can start making career choices for 2014 now.

4 October 2013: Stuff features government's $18.9 million funding to .

20 September 2013: - a mother and daughter who graduate together at CPIT's Spring Graduation.

18 September 2013: by CPIT's Food and Hospitality gets featured in The Press.

16 September 2013: CPIT's Food and Hospitality tutor about CPIT made honey.

2 September 2013: are having on our environment and his plans for creating awareness starting at CPIT with Plains FM.

26 August 2013: Fresh talks about

21 August 2013: HospoNews features competition.

19 August 2013: chat about their production of the 60s rock musical hair on Plains FM.

18 August 2013: , a Māori trade training programme set up in 2011 to help rebuild the city of Christchurch.

5 August 2013: and the CPIT Foundation.

5 August 2013: about CTC as a partnership between CPIT and Secondary schools.

31 July 2013: featured in The Press' Zest section after winning an excellence award at the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards and being selected to work with NOM*d and Annah Stretton.

29 July 2013: about completing a He Toki ki te Rika programme.

29 July 2013: Stuff features boosting skills pool for Christchurch rebuild.

27 July 2013: New Zealand Herald features was in charge of making sure all goes to plan for the newest member of the royal family.

16 July 2013: returning to Christchurch as CPIT's Performing Arts Manager.

8 July 2013: Plains FM talks to .

5 July 2013: in The Press and talks about the positive implications of being more adorned with bilingual signs.

3 July 2013: , CPIT's Te Puna Wānaka manager about Māori Language Week. (13:30)

2 July 2013: with tattooist Maia Gibbs showing his Ta Moko skills.

24 June 2013: from CPIT's Te Puna Wānaka about the importance of Māori Language Week.

20 June 2013: Nelson Mail features renowned trombonist at the Nelson Youth Jazz Competition.

27 May 2013: about CPIT's initiatives to encourage Pasifika engagement in health study.

13 May 2013: about CPIT supporting New Zealand Language week from the 13 - 17 May.

22 April 2013: joining the New Brighton Project to help out with the busy community organisation.

22 April 2013: about CPIT's computing for free classes at Campus Connect.

14 April 2013:

8 April 2013: about the fun activities to do in Christchurch.

5 April 2013: Radio New Zealand talks about the upcoming . Sir Mark Solomon will be guest speaking on the evening to encourage whanau to join the programme.

1 April 2013: looks at emerging technologies such as the 3D printer that is making manufacturing more efficient.

30 March 2013: The Press features at our Autumn Graduation ceremony and talks about the already fully employed Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil) class.

25 March 2013: about reinventing himself as an academic as the Head of New Zealand Broadcasting School.

18 March 2013: CPIT's Manu Whata talks to Plains FM about coming up.

15 March 2013: and her Malaysian counterpart winning the Virtual Re-start Fashion Competition in Malaysia.

15 March 2013: HospoNews.co.nz features .

5 March 2013: The Press features CPIT designers who won gold at the .

4 March 2013: about the launch of ArtBox.

27 February 2013: The Press checks out the .

25 February 2013: An article by living on, through a scholarship - the Rika Fund worth more than $100,000 for CPIT

18 February 2013: about the Japanese languages available for study this year.

8 February 2013: The Press talks to Black Ferns prop and passion to rebuild Christchurch.

7 February 2013: Stuff talks about and how our apprentices are helping with the rebuild.

4 February 2013: CPIT's Senior Lecturer in Sports Science, Health and Wellness talks to .

1 February 2013: work on coming up with ideas for the city's blueprint. (1:21:40)


29 December 2012: The Press' article on to pre quake figures.

18 December 2012: at Northland Mall foodcourt.

14 December 2012: CPIT's plumbing tutor Steve Woodbury has made a scale replica of the Anglican Cathedral. Read the story  featured in The Press.

28 November 2012: was featured in Stuff with a clip of how it works.

27 November 2012: Scoop article on .

19 November 2012: talks about CPIT's Pitch fashion show.

12 October 2012: CPIT's Senior Chef Tutor for his work with the Salvation Army for World Egg Day - feature on 10:30 of video.

2 October 2012: CPIT was featured in this month's issue covering our research month.

26 September 2012: An article in Marlborough Express on two CPIT Jazz graduates in a .

26 September 2012: People at the CPIT campus showed off their style on Stuff.com's .

24 September 2012: An interview with CPIT's about our part time languages.

12 September 2012: A Scoop article on  for students' successful completion of courses in 2011.

7 September 2012: A Press article on CPIT's Martin Trusttum thinking outside the square about the 

4 September 2012: CPIT's Martin Trusttum is interviewed on Radio New Zealand on the Arts on Sunday Series listen to the story

22 August 2012: 3 News article featuring CPIT fashion graduate Yujia Wang

22 August 2012: Story about CPIT graduates at MisteR featured in The Press Zest supplement 

18 August 2012: CPIT's with Department of Business academic manager Teresa Schwellnus.

16 August 2012: A Press story about the Sound sculpture by CPIT art and design graduate Chris Reddington selected for .

8 August 2012: Story about He Toki KI Te Rika students featured on the front page of The Press

19 July 2012: Metropol Canterbury interviews CPIT's graphic design student at Soeur Design.

18 July 2012: A Press article on for teaching excellence.

20 June 2012: A Press story about CPIT's .

26 May 2012: The Press features ArtBox as .

2 February 2012: The features the Council allocating funding to the arts.


28 August 2011: ArtBox features in the .

26 May 2011: A Press article on to bring temporary creative arts projects to vacant sites around Christchurch.


1 April 2010: A Stuff article on CPIT's third year Architecture student at Ellerslie International Flower Show.

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