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Whānau of students can do a lot to help them achieve their study goals and your support can be hugely empowering. This information is intended to help you help your family member before and during their study journey.

Understanding a student's workload

Tertiary study is demanding – much like having a full time job. Students need to spend a lot of time studying and completing research, especially when assignments are due or exams are coming up. It can be helpful to give them a break from regular chores like cooking and housework, and to avoid making too many demands on their time at peak study times.

Keeping your family member motivated

Students can experience times of pressure due to their study, and from the expectations of whānau and the community. They may struggle and become discouraged. Your help in keeping them motivated can make all the difference to their success. Supportive things you can do include: providing them with a quiet place to study; minimising distractions; encouraging them to balance study with breaks; and understanding that they have a lot of commitments. If they're finding the going tough, you can also encourage them to seek help from the support services available at Tamesa.

Access to student information

Information about Tamesa students is confidential and can only be shared with their whānau if the student agrees. Things like phone numbers, grades and other personal details can't be given to you unless they have given us their prior permission.